image020Cassandra was the Trojan princess offered the ability to see the future by the god Apollo in exchange for agreeing to have sex with him. image019The book is a structured, dramatized memoir, along the same line as Rilke’s The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. image007Death Waltz in Vienna is a brilliant and memorable first novel set in the capital of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire
image001Truman’s Spy: A Cold War Spy Story by Noel Hynd is a novel of espionage and betrayal, love and regret, patriots and traitors. image023The classic ghost story by Noel Hynd, perhaps one of the scariest books ever written. Re-edited for e-Readers. image027A young American artist, arrives in Paris, fleeing a series of broken relationships
image037Yakuza Rising by Patricia White (writer) and Kenny Yen (artist) is the first in a series of sexy action-oriented graphic novels set in the Asian American underworld of Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York. image043From the masterful author of Ghosts and Flowers From Berlin comes a tale of gripping supernatural suspense in which the line between real and unreal image045Crimes and Punishments by Carlos Nine is the first English language translation of a classic Hollywood Noir graphic novel.
image047Charlotte, Aline and Mei Li were roommates until their apartment was destroyed in a fire. Charlotte was then forced to reveal a secret. image051Two Nights of Excess by Alfred de Musset is a new modern adaptation and translation of a long lost playfully erotic work

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