Crimes and Punishments by Carlos Nine

image045Crimes and Punishments by Carlos Nine is the first English language translation of a classic Hollywood Noir graphic novel. First published in Paris by Editions Albin Michael in 1991, Crimes and Punishments is an avant-garde masterpiece, unique in its beautiful artwork, surrealistic spirit, drawings and originality. It revels in a dark Hollywood on the 1940s, seen through a prism of playful eroticism, whimsical humor, and psychedelic artwork equal to that of Dali. In the world of comics and graphic novels, this work has long been hailed as a one of the most influential of the final years of the 20th Century.

Carlos Nine is a world famous artist, illustrator, sculptor and animator who was born in Argentina in 1944. His books have been published in Europe, South America, Asia and the United States. He has won several awards over his long and distinguished career, including a Clio Award (New York 1993,) the Caran D’Ache (Rome, 1995) and the first prize at Angouleme in 2001 for the best foreign author translated into French.

His original art has been exhibited in Buenos Aires, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville (Spain), Brussels, Poitiers and Angoulême. Among the leading publications in which his work has appeared are Le Monde and The New Yorker. He lives in Buenos Aires.


Fans can see more of his work by visiting his site at:

Red Cat Publishing will publish the electronic edition. A paper edition will be published by Stuart Ng Books of Torrance, California.


“Nada hay más surreal que la realidad.”

Salvador Dali

“There’s nothing as surreal as reality.”

April 2014

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