Death Waltz in Vienna by Thomas Ochiltree

image007Death Waltz in Vienna is a brilliant and memorable first novel set in the capital of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire in the years prior to World War I, a tale of suspense and romance. Suspense because Army captain Ernst von Falkenburg has just one week to clear himself of charges of treason that will otherwise cost him his life; romance because of the relationship he develops in that time with a beautiful woman who not merely provides him with indispensable assistance – at the risk of her life – but who shows him for the first time that he is capable of love. The action moves across the whole panorama of early 20th century Vienna, taking the reader through elegant salons and low dives, Vienna’s most fashionable brothel and the imperial palace, and climaxes in a duel to the death and an epilogue set in Vienna’s Central Cemetery.

Thomas Ochiltree (pronounced OH-kul-tree) was born in New York but grew up in London and studied in the U.S. (Harvard Class of ’70). He is a retired Foreign Service Officer who served in Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Honduras, Mexico and Venezuela during his 22 years as a U.S. diplomat. Fluent in six languages including German, he has long been fascinated with the last years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and with its glittering capital Vienna – the background against which his novel Death Waltz in Vienna is set. In addition to devoting himself to his various literary interests he works part time on line as a translator, translating documents from German, French, Spanish and Italian into English.


Now he turns his deep knowledge of the world and the human condition into a brilliant and memorable first novel. Within one day of its publication, Death Waltz in Vienna was in the Top 100 War Novels on Amazon Kindle and reached the Top Ten of Hot New releases.


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