Fifty Shades of Baudelaire. A new ghost novella by Noel Hynd

image027A young American artist, arrives in Paris, fleeing a series of broken relationships and hoping to find a rebirth of her own creative energies. Soon after arrival she finds herself drawn to the creative spirit of Charles Baudelaire, the 18th Century author of Les Fleurs du Mal, one of the most powerful compilations of poetry ever published.

Erotic, playful, somber and stunning, this new edition also features illustrations by Karine Stader, one of France’s most exciting young artists.  She inherited her love of art from her father, who is also a painter, and from her mother, a writer. Her father always had a great love for early twentieth century artists such as Gustav  Klimt, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Marc Chagall, Vincent Van Gogh, Egon Schiele, Frida Kahlo and others.

At a young age, she had the opportunity to see original works by these artists, and she fell in love with their visual world. She began to draw in childhood, and she hasn’t stopped since. For the most part she paints women in intimate, precious moments. In her paintings she views them as if “through a keyhole, capturing their romantic, melancholy and innocent expressions.”

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Karine studied at the School of Fine Arts in Nantes, France, where she also pursued studies in Art History. Much of her inspiration comes from music, poetry, Impressionism and Art Nouveau. She lives with her husband near Freiburg, Germany.

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April 2014

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