Hot Charlotte by Vincenzo Lauria, Ennio Ecuba and Vincenzo Cucca

image047Hot Charlotte by Vincenzo Lauria, Ennio Ecuba and Vincenzo Cucca. (Colors by Mariacristina Federico.) (Graphic novel, translated from the French, originally published by Glenat/Drugstore, Paris.)

Charlotte, Aline and Mei Li were roommates until their apartment was destroyed in a fire. Charlotte was then forced to reveal a secret. She is the daughter of a famous Italian mafia financier — which not only allows them to pay for the damage, but also allows them to rent a luxury villa overlooking the sea! Having suffered too often from the lust of men, the three girlfriends seal a pact. They will act upon their sexuality without being intimidated by men, without feelings, without remorse or regrets!

Snarky, irreverent, bold and hilarious, Hot Charlotte takes you on an explicit erotic romp that you won’t want to miss and worn’t ever forget.

Vincenzo Cucca is an Italian writer-artist born in 1977. He is best known for Pandamonie in addition to Hot Charlotte.  image049

Vincenzo Lauria is an Italian writer and cartoonist born in Salerno in 1961. He works in animation and teaches storyboards. In France, he has already published Maat (AKILEOS editions).

Born in Naples in 1975, Ennio Ecuba is a designer, illustrator and writer. He has worked as a designer for various companies, theaters and public organizations, and has published texts and theater scenarios comics, including Maat with Vincenzo Lauria.


May 2014

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