Ghosts – 2014 Edition by Noel Hynd

image023The classic ghost story by Noel Hynd, perhaps one of the scariest books ever written. Re-edited for e-Readers.

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From Publishers Weekly

Sleepy Nantucket Island has become a homicide hotspot, with two unexplained deaths. While the murders appear to local cops to be unrelated, Detective Timothy Brooks, a recent transplant to the island, sees similarities in the corpses’ wounds. Meanwhile, spectral disturbances, including sightings and eerie moving furniture, are plaguing both locals as well as the summer crowd. Hollywood star Annette Carlson, who bought a place following a stint in drug rehab, is besieged by visitations that she is certain are not figments of her overtaxed imagination. Brooks begins to see parallels between the recent killings and Carlson’s bizarre accounts. He contacts his buddy, Lutheran minister and spiritualist George Osaro, to help identify the evil spirit–the ghost of Henry Flaherty, a no-account lothario and stage actor who was killed in the late 1920s. Soon, Osaro, Brooks and Carlson are pressed into service as “ghostbusters” to save Nantucket from a paranormal meltdown. Alternately playful and somber in tone, written in spare prose, Hynd’s story will arouse fear and suspicion in any reader who has ever heard things go “bump”–day or night.
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From Library Journal

A malevolent spirit is haunting the Nantucket house of actress Annette Carlson. It has killed at least three people with sickening viciousness. It now insinuates itself inside the head of policeman Timothy Brooks, a skeptical investigator forced against his will to recognize the existence of the occult. Brooks must lay this spirit to rest before it tires of toying with him and Annette and kills them both. With this novel, espionage writer Hynd makes his debut in the realm of the supernatural. A ghost novel needs to convince unbelieving readers against their will and scare the liver out of them, and Ghosts does this in spades. The atmosphere builds steadily, moving from reality to an utterly convincing realm of the supernatural. Public libraries need to buy this.
- Marylaine Block, St. Ambrose Univ. Lib., Davenport, Ia.
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January 2014


image020Cassandra was the Trojan princess offered the ability to see the future by the god Apollo in exchange for agreeing to have sex with him. When she reneged on the promised sex, he added the curse that her prophecies – all accurate – would never be believed, condemning her to a life of frustration. Her agony is made all the greater by the fact that she lived through the Trojan War, and that all her desperate efforts to warn her loved ones and her city of impending disaster would be in vain.

The novel begins when Cassandra – here portrayed as a beautiful and profoundly sensitive young woman – is about to go into the homecoming dinner offered by Clytemnestra, the wife of King Agamemnon, who won Cassandra in the lottery of Trojan women after the fall of Troy. Her prophetic powers tell her that murder awaits both him and her at the hands of Clytemnestra and her lover. She has tried to warn Agamemnon, but of course was not believed. Unsure whether those who descend to the underworld (as she knows she very soon will do) retain any memory, she mentally reviews one last time the whole rich tapestry of the Trojan War as witnessed by her – the essence of the novel – before going to her fate with the firm step of a Trojan princess and of – in Homer’s words – “the most beautiful of Priam’s daughters.”

Thomas Ochiltree is an emerging historical novelist whose longstanding interest in the classics has led him to read three fourths of the surviving classical Greek and Latin literature in the original texts.


November 2013

Notebooks of an Incurable Romantic by George Kaczender

image019The book is a structured, dramatized memoir, along the same line as Rilke’s  The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge.  It’s a fine literary read, entertaining, humorous and touching, and with the underlining themes of search for love and coming of age. The early years of the story are set against a ferocious political background, the regimes of the Nazis and the Communists, under which Mr. Kaczender lived and barely survived.

George Kaczender is an American film director, born in Budapest, who has worked with such stars as George Clooney, Robert Mitchum, Richard Harris, Karen Black, Jeanne Moreau, George Hamilton, Tom Berenger, JoBeth Williams, Lee Majors and Brad Pitt.

Kaczender was born in Hungary. He fled in 1956 as a political refugee after studying film and working as an Assistant Director at the Pannonina Film Studios in Budapest.  He emigrated first to Austria, then eventually to Canada where he worked at the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal from 1956 to 1969. In 1968 he co-wrote and directed the award winning feature film, Don’t Let the Angels Fall, that was nominated for the Palme d’Or, the first Canadian feature film invited to the main competition to the Cannes Film Festival. His next feature film U-Turn was nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.  He won numerous international awards for his work on documentaries and short dramatic films.

Kaczender at center with Lisa Rinna and George Hamilton from the NBC movie VANISHED based on DANIELLE STEEL’S popular novel.

Kaczender at center with Lisa Rinna and George Hamilton from the NBC movie VANISHED based on DANIELLE STEEL’S popular novel.

He directed five theatrical feature films in Canada before leaving for Hollywood. Among them, In Praise of Older Women based on the best-selling novel by S. Vizinczey, and Chanel Solitaire, the life of Coco Chanel, shot on location in France with Rutger Howard and Marie-France Pisier.

 With Jeanne Moreau.

With Jeanne Moreau.

A memorable night in Cannes.

A memorable night in Cannes.


Subsequently, he has also directed numerous television movies for the major broadcast and cable networks.  Between 2002 and 2004 he was Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television, teaching film directing. He currently lives in Los Angeles, remains active in films and writes screenplay and books.


“The genesis of this book goes way back into the 80’s,” he said recently. “I realized that time had come to reflect on my past, on my childhood experiences, events that shaped my later life in Hungary, Canada and Hollywood.  I began writing random notes, everything that I believed was important in growing up as a deprived, moody and rebellious child.  The notes have accumulated and while organizing the material, I realized that my relentless search for love and being loved, and my first sexual experiences along with a May-October relationship in Los Angeles, would be a good framework for a book, a memoir-like notebook instead of a conventionally told story. I put all that material into a political context: my survival as a Jewish kid during the Nazi occupation during WWII, the Communists in postwar Hungary and life in a company town, called Hollywood.  I do hope immersing yourself in this book will make you think, and smile, and if you are the sensitive type, occasionally cry.”


October 2013

Death Waltz in Vienna by Thomas Ochiltree

image007Death Waltz in Vienna is a brilliant and memorable first novel set in the capital of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire in the years prior to World War I, a tale of suspense and romance. Suspense because Army captain Ernst von Falkenburg has just one week to clear himself of charges of treason that will otherwise cost him his life; romance because of the relationship he develops in that time with a beautiful woman who not merely provides him with indispensable assistance – at the risk of her life – but who shows him for the first time that he is capable of love. The action moves across the whole panorama of early 20th century Vienna, taking the reader through elegant salons and low dives, Vienna’s most fashionable brothel and the imperial palace, and climaxes in a duel to the death and an epilogue set in Vienna’s Central Cemetery.

Thomas Ochiltree (pronounced OH-kul-tree) was born in New York but grew up in London and studied in the U.S. (Harvard Class of ’70). He is a retired Foreign Service Officer who served in Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Honduras, Mexico and Venezuela during his 22 years as a U.S. diplomat. Fluent in six languages including German, he has long been fascinated with the last years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and with its glittering capital Vienna – the background against which his novel Death Waltz in Vienna is set. In addition to devoting himself to his various literary interests he works part time on line as a translator, translating documents from German, French, Spanish and Italian into English.


Now he turns his deep knowledge of the world and the human condition into a brilliant and memorable first novel. Within one day of its publication, Death Waltz in Vienna was in the Top 100 War Novels on Amazon Kindle and reached the Top Ten of Hot New releases.


Truman’s Spy: A Cold War Spy Story by Noel Hynd

image001Truman’s Spy: A Cold War Spy Story by Noel Hynd is a novel of espionage and betrayal, love and regret, patriots and traitors. This is the revised and updated 2013 edition of Noel Hynd’s follow-up to the Best Selling Flowers From Berlin, which has more than a million copies in print or downloaded.

Truman’s Spy is big, a sprawling intricate tale of espionage, from post-war Rome and Moscow to New York, Philadelphia and Hollywood, filled with the characters, mores and attitudes of the day. And at its heart: the most crucial military secret of the decade.


Noel Hynd is the author of two dozen highly successful novels, mostly in the espionage and supernatural genre. His books have been on best seller lists in the United States and translated into 7 foreign languages. They have also been selections of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books and Literary Guild. Over five million units have been either sold or downloaded.


Noel Hynd knows the ins and outs of Washington’s agencies, public and private.” -

Publishers Weekly. “A notch above the Ludums and Clancys of the world…..” – Booklist

“The novels of Noel Hynd stand out!” – Martin Levin, NY Times.

Truman’s Spy was published in June 2013 and is currently on Amazon Kindle’s Top 100 list of Political Thrillers. According to Amazon, Mr. Hynd was the most downloaded author in the United States in December, 2009. Red Cat Tales publishes most of Mr. Hynd’s 18-book backlist from 1976 to 2005, with several additions planned for 2013-14. His best-selling titles are Flowers from Berlin and Ghosts.

In the past, Mr. Hynd also did film work, including the screenplays Agency (with Robert Mitchum, Lee Majors and Valerie Perrine and Illegal in Blue (with Stacey Dash.) He was also a contributor to Sports Illustrated from 1985 to 1992. His current work is published by Zondervan/HarperCollins. Current work in the world of comics and graphic novels include a translation and novelization of the successful European series Djinn by Ana Miralles and Jean Dufaux.

(Summer 2013)

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