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Perhaps most memorable ghost story you will ever read…. Revised 2014 edition of the 1993 classic with a new introduction…… The classic ghost story is baaaaack….! Published by Red Cat Tales LLC, Los Angeles.

Enter a world where the departed return to the world of the living….where ghosts walk and intermingle among us….. Nantucket Island. Quiet. Peaceful. Idyllic. For Oscar-winning actress Annette Carlson, it is the perfect refuge from a demanding career. For brilliant burned-out cop Tim Brooks, it’s a chance to get away from the crime-ridden streets of the big city. And for Reverend George Osaro, ghost hunter, it is about to become a place of unspeakable terror….

“GHOSTS is one of the most refreshing reads of the year….It is a reminder of what made us love horror in the first place. GHOSTS is a gem.”
T. Liam McDonald, Cemetery Dance Magazine.
“GHOSTS left me feeling truly haunted. It is a remarkable novel.”
Rick Hautala
“Noel Hynd is one of the few authors who has succeeded in showing us what we sense in the deepest reaches of our minds. He is a master because he is willing to go where we don’t want to go in regards to the supernatural.”
Tobe Hooper, director of POLTERGEIST and SALEM’S LOT.

Alternately playful and somber in tone, written in spare prose, Hynd’s story will arouse fear and suspicion in any reader who has ever heard things go “bump”–day or night.
Publisher’s Weekly.
A ghost novel needs to convince unbelieving readers against their will and scare the liver out of them, and Ghosts does this in spades. The atmosphere builds steadily, moving from reality to an utterly convincing realm of the supernatural. Library Journal.
More than 500,000 in print or downloaded. Originally published by Kensington/Pinnacle. A Literary Guild Alternative selection.


Cemetery of Angels

Newly revised and re-edited 2014 Edition, published by Red Cat Tales LLC, Los Angeles.
Bill and Rebecca Moore are an ordinary middle-aged couple raising two children in suburban Connecticut. An unsuccessful attempt on Rebecca’s life by a mysterious stranger leaves her with an extreme case of post-traumatic stress. To help her recover, Bill suggests a move to southern California where they buy and renovate an old house in a posh neighborhood.
It seems, however, that the house hosts a particularly persistent ghost named Ronny, an ex-actor who apparently has emerged from the small private cemetery adjacent to the backyard. When both children disappear from the house with no sign of forced entry, LAPD gumshoe Ed Van Allen suspects the Moores of murder, although Rebecca gamely tries to convince him the ghost did it. Turning the implausible into the possible as the case unfolds, Alternately amusing and frightening, Hynd lets the evidence build to a genuinely terrifying climax that features earthbound criminals as well as a not-so-subtle example of divine retribution.

“Chilling ghost scenes enrich the suspense-powered plot….” – Kirkus
“Believable and authentic, builds to a terrifying climax…..” – Publishers Weekly
More than 250,000 printed or downloaded. Originally published by Kensington/Pinnacle. A Literary Guild Alternative selection.


A Room For The Dead

In this hard hitting and sharp-edged tale of the supernatural, Veteran New Hampshire State Police Detective Sergeant Frank O’Hara pursues a crazed serial killer whose crimes bear the grisly signature of Gary Ledbetter, a vicious murderer arrested by O’Hara and executed years earlier. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Mass market USA Today Best Seller in 1996. A Literary Guild Alternate Selection in 2005. It refuses to go away. Revised November 2013. Originally published by Kensington/Pinnacle in hardcover and mass market paperback. An alternative selection of The Literary Guild.

From Publishers Weekly

The chills come fast and hard in Hynd’s latest, a riveting blend of ghost story and police procedural. New Hampshire state cop Frank O’Hara, approaching 50 and close to retirement, is given a case–a young woman is beheaded, her right hand cut off–that duplicates the M.O. of serial killer Gary Ledbetter. But Gary, a “low-rent Lothario” nabbed by O’Hara, was executed months ago in Florida, after political machinations moved the killer to a state with capital punishment. Since then, O’Hara’s life has turned to ashes. He’s taken seriously to booze, his wife has left him, his partner has committed suicide–and now, deep into another hated winter, something seems to be haunting his house: floors creak, doors slam, an empty rocking chair rocks. A tangle of right-wing state politics, skinhead thieves, a mysterious young woman and, increasingly, dialogues between O’Hara and what seems to be Gary’s ghost lead the cop through past police corruption and malfeasance to a shattering conclusion. Throughout, the atmospherics are excellent and the local color first-rate: “There’s ten months of winter and two months of bad skiing. The state animal is the skunk, the state bird is the black fly, the state citizen is the deadbeat, and the state sport is petty larceny.” After several spy thrillers, Hynd switched to the occult with his previous novel, Ghosts. This spooky follow-up confirms that he’s made the right choice.

From Booklist:

Fans of Stephen King, John Saul, Dean Koontz, and the like will give Hynd a thumbs up for his latest shivery ghost story. … While Hynd doesn’t quite invoke the same level of nightmarish terror as some of his fellow horror writers, he’s good at macabre, mind-bending plots with plenty of grotesque details, and he effectively blends the horror and mystery genres.


The Lost Boy: A Haunting in Connecticut

From the author of GHOSTS and CEMETERY OF ANGELS, this lost supernatural classic is now back in print and available on Kindle!
In the small Connecticut town of Wilshire, James Corbett, senior member of a local outlaw family, has been hideously murdered. For Ellen Wilder, new editor and owner of the local newspaper, the gruesome killing is as disturbing as the irrational fears it has triggered within her. She is left doubting for her own sanity. For State Police Detective Michael Chandler, seen earlier in Hynd’s CEMETERY OF ANGELS, the murder is only a hint of trouble to come…and an eerie echo of his own near-death experience. But nothing could have prepared anyone in the rational world for the return of Franny Corbett. A hulking child of a man, the blackest sheep in a black sheep family, his eerie presence may have ushered in a final endgame of violence, fear, and unearthly events in this bizarre Connecticut village. Soon Wilshire will be shaken again. A car sunk just beneath the surface of a local lake is soon to rise…..and with it a trip into the other side of the human existence, the terror has just begun!
Originally published by Kensington/Pinnacle. Revised edition published by Red Cat Tales LLC, Publishing, Los Angeles 2014.


The Prodigy
From Library Journal:
Rolf Geiger, a virtuoso young pianist haunted by the malevolent, envious ghost of his recently dead master and teacher, prepares for a world tour that, if successful, will crown him the greatest pianist who ever lived. In the ensuing battle with his dark angel, Rolf is plagued by sleeplessness, terrifying visions, and destructive impulses that threaten his sanity, love life, and very soul. Throughout this turmoil, his beautiful, intelligent girlfriend, Diana, remains loyally supportive. Compelling writing… Recommended for large fiction collections…






A Ghost Story in Paris
By Noel Hynd Artwork by Karine Stader
Publication: January 2016, Red Cat Tales LLC Publishing, Los Angeles

Amanda Stillman, a young American artist, arrives in Paris, fleeing a series of broken relationships and hoping to find a rebirth of her own creative energies. Soon after arrival she wanders into the nearby Cemetery of Montparnasse where, by what seems to be chance, she comes across the tomb of Charles Baudelaire, the 19th Century author of Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers Of Evil), one of the darkest and most powerful compilations of poetry ever published.
When she is at the tomb, she thinks she is alone. A man appears next to her and starts to speak. He startles her. They fall into a conversation. He invites her for a drink, she says, why not? She is at ease with him and drawn to him. A friendship and then a relationship ensues. He is a musician and literary scholar. As they spend more time together, Amanda accompanies her new friend into a modern world of poetry, Absinthe and decadence that parallels the lifetime of the late poet. Then, gradually, the dark lyric spirit of Baudelaire takes hold of her, as does his poetry. It emerges in her paintings — twenty of them, each based on a separate bit of poetry —until she can no longer control it. Nor does she wish to. Inexorably, with a ghostly presence, in spite of her current-day relationship, the spirit of Charles Baudelaire beckons her back to the granite tomb in the cemetery where he first took possession of her. Both spiritually and physically, the spirit of the long deceased poet possesses her and demands that she remain with him forever.
Erotic, playful, somber, stunning and frightening, this new work features illustrations by Karine Stader, one of France’s most exciting young artists.

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