US Air Force Lt. Richard Silva’s hell on earth begins in the fall of 1970 when his plane is shot down over North Vietnam. Silva is captured and taken to a POW camp where he is turned over to a shadowy interrogator who specializes in the systematic torture of American prisoners. Miraculously, Silva survives and returns to the US.

He finds an America that is profoundly different from the country he left. But America isn’t the only thing that has changed. Silva’s mind has been horribly altered. For him there is only one way out: Find the man who tortured him. Find him and kill him. With only a few clues to his enemy’s true identity, Silva embarks on a manhunt.

Silva quickly penetrates a shadowy underworld of politicians, criminals and intelligence agents in New York, Washington and ultimately in Paris. In France, he further burrows into a nether world of professional killers, political extremists, cops and assassins. Along the way, he finds romance with a beautiful young artist and rediscovers his own humanity, all the while drawing closer to the man he must murder in order to redeem his own soul.

This is a 2013 revised version of a novel originally published under the title “REVENGE” to rave reviews in 1976.

“A Tense Bloody trail to a grim climax!” – Liverpool Daily Post

“‘Revenge is….an Intricate spine chiller….Bloody good!” – NY Times

“Ingenious and fast paced without a wasted word.” – Chicago Tribune

“A Powerful Book!” – The Scotsman

“Entertaining and absorbing!” – Birmingham Evening Mail

“Invites Comparison with ‘The Day of The Jackal’ – Boston Herald

A deadly and elusive man. A young woman seeking justice and retribution. A thirty-year-old secret from World War Two. A latter day showdown among British, American, and Soviet intelligence services.

Who was Karl Sandler? Wartime patriot? Or a ruthless and amoral monster who put his vast financial machine behind the highest bidder? Leslie McAdam calls him by another name: her father.

Based on a shocking and shameful episode in history that threatened to alter the course of the world’s economic future, The Sandler Inquiry tells a gripping and unforgettable story of espionage and intrigue, loyalty and love, set in the sprawling ragged violence-prone New York City of the 1970′s.

Determined to claim her rightful inheritance — and to uncover the shrouded past of the man she knew as her father — Leslie has come to Thomas Daniels, a New York attorney haunted by his own bloodstained family history. Yet not even Daniels can imagine what lies beneath decades-old secrets when he launches an inquiry into his client’s murky past. As he moves through the twisting labyrinth of the world’s intelligence community, he uncovers a monstrous link between the man who called himself Karl Sandler and a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of government…in three countries. From America to Europe to Soviet Russia, he pursues a cold trail that is suddenly red-hot, as the violence of the past lives again. Worse, Daniels is stalked by a deadly adversary who must keep the truth buried at all costs.

Now available in a brand-new (2014) Amazon Kindle edition, it is a classic novel of World War II and its chilling aftermath from Noel Hynd, the author of FLOWERS FROM BERLIN.

“A HUMDINGER! Incredible tension, byzantine plotting, fascinating people. Keeps you off balance and guessing all the way. How it all works out is enthralling and chilling.” – Publishers Weekly.

“Fast moving, intriguing and very readable, this spy mystery gets its impact from its intricate plot and complex characterization. For those who revel in suspicious characters, sinister happenings and baffling mystery, Noel Hynd’s latest novel is a delight.” – The Christian Science Monitor.

“Noel Hynd had you glued to the last page! – Boston Globe

“Fast-paced and extremely well plotted…espionage, murder and romance are all intertwined in this up to the minute thriller… Keeps the reader on the edge of his seat!” – The Mirror Magazine (London)


Current edition published by Red Cat Tales LLC, Los Angeles
Love and betrayal, spies and patriots, murder and romance, Roosevelt versus Hitler on the eve of World War Two. Winds of War meets The Eye of The Needle.
It is 1939. Roosevelt is winding down his second term in the White House. The Nazis have taken Austria, and Stalin’s Red Army is systematically eliminating the Kremlin’s enemies. Europe is going to hell in a handbasket. With isolationist sentiment running high in America, and the American president’s popularity at an all-time low, Hitler seizes the moment and dispatches his secret weapon: An agent named ‘Siegfried’ who conceals himself behind the mask of middle-class America. A chameleon who can change identities and personalities at will. A cold-blooded killer who will win the war for Germany.
A banker, linguist, and demolitions expert who has successfully infiltrated German intelligence, FBI Special Agent William Thomas Cochrane is handpicked by Roosevelt for an impossible mission: To find Hitler’s spy before he carries out a plan that will remove the president from office at a critical moment in the century’s history. As Cochrane, with the help of British Intelligence agent Laura Worthington, circles closer to his elusive quarry, a spy with supporters in the highest levels of U.S. government readies the world stage for a final act of annihilation that will alter the tide of war–and the future of the free world–in unthinkable ways. Imagine a world where your most precious inalienable rights are denied. Where individual freedom is a thing of the past. Imagine World War II without FDR …

Original hardcover publication by Doubleday & Co., 735,000 first mass market paperback printing from Pinnacle Books. E-book editions 2010-2014.

This espionage thriller follows FBI agent William Cochrane’s efforts to stop a Nazi spy from assassinating FDR. Toss in a love affair with a British Secret Service operative and you have the makings of a page-turner. LJ’s reviewer found the book “complex in characterization, crisp in dialogue, and thorough in its background.” Library Journal

“First rate!” – The Cleveland Plain-Dealer

“A Chiller!” – Los Angeles Times

“A Super spy novel!” The Savannah News-Presse
One of the top 100 reader rated spy novels on Amazon Kindle.


It is 1983, the freezing point of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Behind the headlines, unknown to most private citizens, the two super powers bumble toward nuclear confrontation….and in the back streets and back alleys of world capitals, spies and recalled spies fight for a part of a missile guidance system that could tip the balance during nuclear confrontation. And at the center is a woman with a terrible secret.

Noel Hynd takes you on a journey into the world of espionage in both the 1960′s and 1980s. Based on fascinating real life detail, some of it autobiographical, the story teams with real life characters from Andropov to Profumo and sprawls across CIA stations in London and Paris as well as Parisian night spots and journalistic/spy haunts such as Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. The times were deadly, but riveting, the mood intoxicating but frightening.

For spy fans, this is a trip into the real world. You will never feel the same about the year 1983.

“The novels of Noel Hynd stand out like emeralds.” – New York Times Book Review.

“A few notches above the Ludlums and Clancys of the world – Booklist

“(False Flags is)…readable and highly complex….written with intelligence and style….a REAL PAGE TURNER. – Publishers Weekly


It is early 1950, the midpoint of the Twentieth Century.

Joe McCarthy is cranking up his demagoguery and Joseph Stalin had intensified the cold war. In Washington, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI is fighting a turf war with the newly founded Central Intelligence Agency. Harry Truman is in the White House, trying to keep a lid on domestic and foreign politics, but the crises never stop. It should be a time of peace and prosperity in America, but it is anything but.

FBI agent Thomas Buchanan is assigned to investigate the father of a former fiancée, Ann Garrett, who dumped Buchanan while he was away to World War Two. And suddenly Buchanan finds himself on a worldwide search for both an active Soviet spy and the only woman he ever loved. In the process, he crosses paths with Hoover, Truman, Soviet moles and assassins, an opium kingpin from China, and a brigade of lowlife from the American film community.

Truman’s Spy is a classic cold war story of espionage and betrayal, love and regret, patriots and traitors. This is the revised and updated 2013 edition of Noel Hynd’s follow-up to Flowers From Berlin. The story is big, a sprawling intricate tale of espionage, from post-war Rome and Moscow to New York, Philadelphia and Hollywood, filled with the characters, mores and attitudes of the day. And at its heart: the most crucial military secret of the decade.

“Noel Hynd knows the ins and outs of Washington’s agencies, public and private.” -
Publishers Weekly

“A notch above the Ludums and Clancys of the world…..” – Booklist

“The novels of Noel Hynd stand out!” – Martin Levin, NY Times
One of the top 100 reader rated spy novels on Amazon Kindle.

Noel Hynd
(Action, espionage, World War Two, historical fiction)

Return to Berlin is the long-awaited sequel to Noel Hynd’s classic espionage novel, Flowers From Berlin.
It is early 1943 and the United States has been at war for little more than a year. We again meet William Cochrane, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Cochrane has enlisted in the United States Army. He has the commission of a major and is in Texas being trained for combat when his orders are countermanded and revised by Washington.
Summoned to an OSS office at Foggy Bottom in the American capital, Cochrane, recently married, gets an assignment potentially more deadly than combat. He is recruited into the fledgling OSS and assigned to travel to Europe by merchant marine and make his way to Bern, Switzerland to meet with Allen Dulles who was establishing operations for the OSS against Germany.. There, if he is lucky enough to arrive, he will receive the second part of his orders: an espionage assignment, under the assumed identity of an American embezzler, will take him back into Nazi Germany and Berlin, where he lived for a while in the 1930s. There is an assignment that only he, with his prior knowledge of certain people and places in Germany, can complete.
Rich in accurate historical detail, heavily evocative of the era, Return to Berlin will be one of the top American spy stories of 2016.

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